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Why Own A Custom Sword

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Why Own A Custom Sword

Swords have been a part of our history for more than 5,000 years. For much of that time—in fact up until only the last century or so—the sword has served dual roles as both an object of function and deadly purpose, and also as an object of ceremony and symbolism. Although they clearly play less. . . Read More

What Makes A Good Chef’s Knife?

    There are plenty of details to factor in when considering what makes a good chef knife. As a professional knife maker or blade smith, I have spent more than a decade tuning the details of my own signature chef knife. Tucked away in rural New Hampshire, I have developed a design that is. . . Read More

What Is A Hand Forged Kitchen Knife?

You might be hearing a lot these days about hand forged kitchen knives. But what is it really? This is a fairly simple question with a fairly simple answer, but like many such situations, there is more to be discussed. Let’s start with the most basic level. What is a hand forged kitchen knife? Well,. . . Read More

Guide for Customizing A Chef’s Knife

If you are thinking about ordering your first custom chef’s knife, you may not know where to begin. New customers sometimes ask how the process starts, and my answer is always the same: with a conversation. Tell me in plain English as much or as little as you would like about the knife you are. . . Read More

What To Know About Steel Blades

More than two million years ago, our early ancestors began using rocks as tools. These were initially simple and unrefined, mainly used for blunt impact work, but over the millennia they evolved into much more specific and elegant forms, including sharp cutting tools. Stone remained the pinnacle of material technology all the way up until. . . Read More

Who Makes The Top Chef’s Knife In The World?

I will give you an unhelpful hint: not me. Here are who I think make the world’s top chef’s knives: Bob Kramer Nick Rossi   Bob Kramer The world’s top chef knife maker in the world is, without a doubt, Bob Kramer. His pricing starts at $1000 per inch, and his wait list was 15. . . Read More

How A Damascus Chef Knife Is Made?

When I exhibit my work at shows, there is a subset of people who approach to defend the virtue of “true” damascus steel. They contend that the modern version of it is a different animal, and it should in fact be called “pattern welded steel” instead. It is difficult to say precisely where this idea. . . Read More

What To Look For In The Best High End Kitchen Knife

Have you ever walked down the baking aisle in a supermarket? Generally, somewhere in between the flours, the spices, and the cake and brownie mixes, you will find a few shelves full of baking trays and a rack with a selection of kitchen tools and gadgets. Somewhere on that rack, usually somewhere higher up, will. . . Read More

What Professional Chefs Consider When Buying A Knife

What are thoughts to consider when buying chef’s knives? It is probably not a question most people have spent much time thinking about, but there is plenty to sink your teeth into.    Imagine yourself cooking professionally, in the kitchen of a high-end restaurant. You get to work at 11:00am each morning. You spend the. . . Read More