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Master Smith

ABS Master Smith


In June of 2019 I earned the highest honor available in the modern tradition of American bladesmithing. Since its founding in the early 1970’s, the American Bladesmith Society has awarded the ranking of Master Smith to fewer than 150 knife makers–I am #149. 

I had to pass two tests to reach this achievement. The first is a performance test that pitted a purpose-built knife against tasks well beyond what could reasonably be expected of a knife. The second test (which was more difficult by far) was a presentation test. I fashioned a set of the five finest knives I had in me and presented them to a panel of seven Master Smith judges. The judges spent an hour behind closed doors combing each and every detail for the slightest of flaws, and they concluded that my work demonstrated true mastery. 

I am honored and humbled to have reached this milestone in my career. I see it as a beginning, a basis from which I can continue to push myself in exciting new directions, and from which I can share what I have learned with other edge-heads like me. 



At left: my passing 2019 ABS Master Smith presentation set