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The Master Bladesmith and The Craft

The Latest News:

ABS Master Smith

I am extremely proud to announce that I have earned the ranking of Master Smith from the American Bladesmith Society. I am one of only 149 smiths ever to achieve this rank, and a friend summed it up well for me when he said “MS = PhD.” To learn more about what this achievement means, click here.

2019 Sunapee Craft Fair

Come and visit me at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Annual Craftsmen’s Fair at the Mount Sunapee Resort here in New Hampshire this August! You will be able to find me (and a broad selection of available work) in Tent #6, booth 625, from August 3-11. To learn more about the craft fair (including location, hours, tickets, etc.), click here.

Jonas Blade & Metalworks Owner and Founder

Zack Jonas

“As a bladesmith, I get to explore the balance of form and function through the endless variety of mankind’s oldest and most useful tool. My craft pushes me every day to learn more and work harder. I love the immediacy of seeing beautiful, useful objects take shape in my hands.” – Zack