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The Master Bladesmith and The Craft

Getting metal to bend to one’s will is no easy feat.

I am a Master Smith  based in New Hampshire and specializing in hand forged knives. In 2012, I earned the rank of ABS Journeyman Smith and opened up a workshop where I could create custom knives and share my knowledge with aspiring bladesmiths.

Forging knives is an arduous process from the first moment the steel is heated, through to the final stages of the work. Each piece starts as a solid block of steel and is shaped blow by blow into a one-of-a-kind custom knife. I have created a variety of blades to fit into every aspect of your lifestyle, from the kitchen to the field and everything in between. I pride myself on crafting the finest blades with high carbon steel or damascus steel and wooden handles that feature materials sourced from trees all over the world.

In the Jonas Blade & Metalworks Culinary Collection, there are culinary knives available in 3”- 10” inch lengths (and beyond) for every cook, from the novice to the skilled chef. Whether you’re chopping onions or butterflying a filet, it is important to have a sharp chef knife to ensure your meal takes shape the way you envision. It is also safer; a sharp knife does what you want it to–a dull knife needs to be forced, and that’s where accidents happen. If you want the very best in performance and aesthetics, consider adding a damascus steel chef knife to your collection. A good place to start would be a 7” or 8” inch option, these are the best chefs knives to have on hand for daily use in a broad range of tasks. A high-end chef knife will last for the rest of your life–and beyond–as long as it is properly taken care of.

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If you spend time outdoors, a hunting knife from the Field Collection can make a huge difference in your outings. While setting up camp it can be the perfect tool to cut rope or whittle some wood as you build a fire. Out in the forest it can help you dress game for your dinner or build a last minute shelter. It is a compact tool with a fixed blade that can be versatile, easy to carry and easy to control. 

If you are not a hunter, do not be put off by the term “hunting knife.” Over the years, trends have refined the hunter’s preferred knife into the compact package you see today, but the truth is that the design is simply a compact, useful carry-knife; in most cases there is nothing uniquely (much less exclusively) hunt-oriented about the design.

Over the years, I have created a wide variety of pieces that reflect my skills as a bladesmith and now my master metal works are available to you in my Legacy Collection, which reflects my ever growing skills as a bladesmith. These are one of a kind pieces, designed straight from the heart of the maker. Often inspired by historical typologies, these pieces were created to make a statement in any collection.

If you are looking for something different, maybe with New Zealand Swamp Kauri, Damascus Steel or an African blackwood handle, custom knives are available to order. I will work with you personally to create a custom designed project anywhere between $100 to $10,000 or beyond. Anything is possible with your personal tastes and his range of experience and skill.

The Latest News:

This April (2023) we will host two swordsmithing classes. To learn more, click here and send me an E-mail.

The Messer (4/12-4/19) – Learn about this iconic medieval German weapon. Over seven days, students will progress through heat treatment, blade grinding, hilt design, and hilt construction.

The Scabbard (4/22-4/26) – Learn to build a period-accurate medieval scabbard for your sword or dagger of choice. These scabbards will have a stitched leather exterior, a wooden core, and a felt lining. 

LNHC Annual Craftsmen’s Fair at Mount Sunapee!

This will be my twelfth year showing my work at this wonderful event. Come and see me August 5-13 2023 at the Mount Sunapee Resort. I will be in Tent 6, Booth 621, my usual location, from 10am-5pm daily. This is the only show I will do in 2023, so if you would like to come and chat and see my work in person, this is your best shot. To learn more about the fair, click here

Jonas Blade & Metalworks Owner and Founder

Zack Jonas

“As a bladesmith, I get to explore the balance of form and function through the endless variety of mankind’s oldest and most useful tool. My craft pushes me every day to learn more and work harder. I love the immediacy of seeing beautiful, useful objects take shape in my hands.” – Zack