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Culinary Knives

A great knife means that you will consistently be able to control how smooth your slices are. It will build your confidence in the kitchen regardless of how complicated a dish may seem.For a professional or enthusiast amateur chef, their knife is an extension of themselves. 

If you’re looking for the best culinary knives that will last a lifetime, have a look at the collection of knives below. 

You will find chef’s knives that are designed with a purpose in mind for specific cuts and applications, and multi-purpose culinary knives for versatile cooking. 

My portfolio of culinary knives  can help you to practice or make a wide variety of cuts  in your kitchen. These knives are premium quality with a top-tier prices to match but consider the bigger picture: a $1200 chef’s knife that serves you for 30 years would cost you 40 bucks a year. With the proper care, a quality knife will last a home cook for the rest of their life. Even knives sharpened aggressively on a regular basis in a professional chef’s kitchen will likely wear down after a decade or two of use.

Caring For A Damascus Steel Knife

While you may already know how to take care of your kitchen knife, I’d like to emphasize maintenance for our hand-forged Damascus steel kitchen knives :

  • Always use a cutting board made of end-grain wood or rubber. Glass or marble cutting boards can damage the edge of the blade. 
  • Clean with soap and water by hand. Do not use the dishwasher – high heat, stress from other items in the washer, and abrasive detergents will affect the sharp edge of your knife. It can also be very dangerous to unload the dishwasher to with multiple sharp knives. 
  • Avoid storing your knife unprotected in your drawer. A blade guard can keep your knife blade in excellent condition.
  • Before sharpening your knives, make sure to understand how the process works and what tools you may need. Although to assure a long life for your knives, it is recommended that they are taken to a professional knife sharpening service.

Treat your culinary knife well! It is, after all, the most important tool in your kitchen.


These high carbon knives offer excellent strength and hardness. They are a reliable choice for every kitchen due its versatility from it’s length which will let you have longer cuts. The featured ‘RAINDROP CHEF’S KNIFE’ has a handle made from 35,000-year-old swamp kauri from New Zealand.

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For most people, an 8” is the perfect kitchen knife for everyday use. If you’re just learning your way around the kitchen this size is great to cut through anything and a perfect way to become comfortable by using a knife with a  stable and durable handle.

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These knives feel sturdy and stable in your hand, cut with precision strokes, and can maintain their sheen for decades. Whether you’re a home cook, an advanced user or a professional chef, the cutting performance of these knives make them a useful addition to your culinary line-up.

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If you’re among those folks who find that a 6’’ kitchen knife offers more control than its 8” cousin, you will appreciate this beautifully forged, incredibly sharp and reliably sturdy knife.  The paring knife may be small but it is versatile and can help any trimming and peeling jobs be that much easier.

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Like the name suggests the Bantam is a not a big or long knife at 5” but is broad enough to make it one of the most versatile in our arsenal. The Bantam can be used to peel like a paring knife or chop through pretty much anything like one of its larger counterparts. It is a utilitarian knife that could be called the “Swiss-Army Knife” of the kitchen.

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This 3.5” Paring Knife otherwise known as a  peeling knife or a vegetable knife, is a cornerstone of the culinary lineup. It is small but versatile, suitable for a really wide range of tasks. A knife like this is often gripped forward in the crook of your four fingers, with the edge facing backward toward your thumb. In this position, you will find a surprising degree of dexterity with the knife for trimming and peeling operations. I’m no purist though, and the knife can be held in any number of ways for any number of uses.

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Are you looking for a knife crafted in the Japanese knife-making tradition? 

Then be sure to check out the Yanagi Ba to whip up a precise and delicious sashimi platter.

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