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What Is A High Carbon Chef’s Knife?

A high quality carbon steel chef knife is a beautiful thing and what is needed to cook the best of meals. I won’t bore you with the merits of high carbon steel again; suffice it to say, it’s good stuff. It’s better stuff than what you’re used to if, like most people, you’ve lived your. . . Read More

What Are Some Of The Best Forged Knife Sets?

For most people, kitchen knives are a set of almost passive items in their home; something taken for granted, like furniture. Many couples use a set of knives they received as a wedding gift years or decades past. It was an upgrade from the mismatched chef knife and paring knife they got for their first. . . Read More

What Is A Damascus Chef’s Knife?

A damascus chef’s knife has the advantage of an exotic appearance compared to standard counterparts. In modern times, it is also a high quality blade that has the ability to cut most ingredients with ease. Knowing that, let’s take a look at the following: The Greatness Of Damascus Chef’s Knife The Inspiration Of My Craft. . . Read More

What Is Needed To Make A Knife?

What Is Needed To Make A Knife? Crafting a knife is always an adventure for me. I start out with a nondescript bar of steel, a block of wood, and maybe a few other bits and pieces, and then I end up with something that is beautiful, elegant, and useful. A lot has to happen. . . Read More

What Is The Blade On A Knife For?

At a minimum, a knife has two parts: a blade that cuts, and a handle to hold. A handle is simple and straightforward, just something you can hold onto with some degree of security and comfort. Back in the Stone Age, the earliest cutting tools were just chipped stone, the blade and handle were only. . . Read More

What Is The Magic Of Forged Steel?

Centuries before I was born, blacksmiths were regarded with reverence and wonder by the communities they served. In some cultures, like the Celts across Europe, and the Samurai of Japan, the work of the smith’s craft was perceived as near magic. Hardenable steel was literally the cutting edge of technology, and men who could take. . . Read More

How To Care For Your Damascus Steel Knife

If you’ve ever seen a knife made of handmade damascus steel, I don’t need to tell you how exciting the material is. There is something innate in us that almost automatically makes one wonder, “how did that pattern come to be?” I’ll let you in on a secret: even knowing precisely how, the material is. . . Read More

What Factors Make The Best Chefs Knife?

If you google the words “best chef’s knife”, you’ll see a selection of knives that look fairly similar to the untrained eye. The differences between one and the next will be subtle—a bit more curvature to the edge, a slightly narrower handle, maybe a different finish to the steel—but in most cases these subtle differences. . . Read More